BARE USA is a book created out of a nationwide fine art photography project that delves into the study* of natural beauty in contrast with man-made decay. This contrast is explored by photographing nude art models in abandoned locations nationwide.

This project was created to make art, to create something beautiful where there once was nothing, to produce new compelling images that spark the spirit of adventure, to ignite the imagination, and to evoke emotion.

BARE USA shares the excitement that comes from exploring and photographing forbidden landscapes of decay. These crumbling structures create compositions that are difficult to find anywhere else. There’s also something quite compelling and inherently beautiful about the natural shapes of the female form. The project doe not focus on the false ideas we have been force-fed through popular media rather it focuses on real women, as they are, as they’re meant to be, naturally beautiful in every way.

On a personal level, BARE USA aimed to challenge common discomforts with nudity, the presence of it, photographing it, and discussing it. Nudity is natural and this project shows that it’s safe to embrace it. BARE USA also tells interesting stories about people and places across the United States in a unique way.