BARE USA welcomes your contribution. Finances are tight as this project is in its infancy, and independently funded by one Brian Cattelle. The scope of this project is grand, and so are the expenses, about $40,000 – $52,000 from beginning to end. All contributions will go towards paying the models and providing for my essentials while on the road, like gas, food and shelter. I plan on doing a lot of camping and couch surfing to keep the cost down. There may be an unfortunate surprise or two like a fee to access a desired location or maybe even a fine if I fail to get appropriate permission. And then there are other incidentals like vehicle repair and camera equipment. So there is a lot, and much has been raised but I still have far to go.

What ever your level of contribution I am extremely grateful and happy to have you be apart of my project. As a thank you for your support you will be offering an exclusive BARE USA print for download post check out! To get started simply click below.